1. Rae of Hope Retreat

    The Bianca Rae Foundation works extremely hard to teach middle school-aged girls about leadership qualities, self-love and inner beauty and how to deal with the harsh realities of bullies in their schools. Your donation brings our message to more girls.
    $2,750.00 donated
  2. Saving a Life

    Saving the life of one sheltered animal is truly remarkable. Through regular adoption events in the Coachella Valley, The Bianca Rae Foundation has assisted over 1000 animals find a forever home since our inception.
    $90.00 donated
  3. BRF General Fund

    We started in 2013. The foundation initially started to give back to the community but quickly turned into something much more significant. We strive to give a voice to the voiceless. We need your continued support to keep our mission alive.
    $100.00 donated